Our easy to use Account Management page gives you complete control of your account. You can view your Call History, Check the Balance, Top up your account, setup PIN Less dialing, Speed Dial, Direct Dial all in real time!

PIN Less Dialing
Through our account management page, you can assign up to 3 phone numbers (home, mobile, office etc) to your account. This will save you the hassle of entering the PIN every time you call. No more looking for that little piece of paper that you scribbled the PIN on!

Direct Dial
On your portal, you will have 10 UK landline numbers that you can map to your favourite called numbers. No more access numbers! Just save the local number in your address book and call directly. For eg: Give your Mom a full UK number!!

Speed Dial
Once you have bought your calling credit, you can set up up to 10 Speed Dial numbers. Just call our access number and press any speed dial number assigned to keys 0 to 9 on your keypad and wait to be connected! Its that simple.

Set up your preferred Auto Recharge amount and the funds will be automatically collected by direct debit once your account balance falls below £1. And you can change auto recharge settings when ever you wish. Never worry about running out of credit again!

100% TalkTime Guaranteed
We pride ourselves on being a honest and a truly transparent company. Per Minute Billing, no hidden charges are the norm here at TalkEasyNow. We guarantee that you will get 100% talktime on all calls, irrespective of the number of times you call or how long you talk. You can check your Call History in real-time to verify.